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” Young. Dynamic. Bavarian. “

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The Maiers HOTEL Parsberg opened in 2017. With our roots firmly based in our Bavarian homeland, our family-run hotel represents the young and dynamic future of the region. Through continual further development, openness and creative ideas, we want to contribute our part towards promoting the Parsberg region as an innovative location.


We extended Maiers HOTEL Parsberg with a seminar and event area in 2020. Under the new branding, Maiers EVENTS we have been offering you a platform for successful conferences, workshops and events of all types since autumn 2020.


Visit our hotel to get your own impression – we’re looking forward to meeting you!


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Maiers Hotel Parsberg Vision

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Relaxation. Experience. Success. These are three words that have great symbolic power to us as hosts. After all, we are guided by these values. We live by them. But above all, these are the values that we want to provide to you. Every day. For every guest.


We are committed not just by keeping these values constantly high, but also to increase these values for you exponentially. You can be sure that with Maiers HOTEL and Maiers EVENTS , you have a platform offering the best: Relaxation. Experience. Success.